Baseball gloves are an important tool for any player, whether they’re playing in the backyard or on the big point of Major League Baseball (MLB). Although many players opt (Optional Practical Training) for well-known brands like Rawlings or Wilson, there is a growing trend of MLB players using Nokona gloves. But how do these gloves compare to the more traditional brands? Here we’ll explore the use of Nokona gloves in the world of professional MLB, observing the performance of players who use them, and determine whether they are a right option for players at all levels.

What Sets Nokona Gloves Apart?

Nokona gloves are recognized for their high-quality expertise, consideration to detail, and use of quality materials. The company has been making gloves in the United States since 1934, and their gloves are still handmade in Texas to this day. Nokona uses top-quality leather, which is both durable and comfortable, ensuring that their gloves can endure the severities of professional play while providing a easy fit. The company offers a series of gloves that cater to all positions and player skill levels.

Who Uses Nokona Gloves in the MLB?

Although not being as commonly recognized as other brands, Nokona gloves have found a place in the MLB. Some of the most famous players who use Nokona gloves include pitcher Dallas Keuchel, outfielder Hunter Pence, and infielder Brandon Crawford. Keuchel has been using Nokona gloves since his college days and has continued to do so throughout his professional career, even winning a Gold Glove Award with one of his Nokona gloves. Crawford has also been a long-time user of Nokona gloves and has won multiple Gold Glove Awards while wearing them.

How Do Nokona Gloves Perform in the MLB?

Nokona gloves have recognized to be just as effective as other brands in the MLB. Even some players have stated that Nokona gloves perform better than the more recognized brands. For example, Keuchel has praised the durability and feel of his Nokona gloves, saying that they have held up better than any other glove he has used in his profession. Likewise, Crawford has stated on the special feel and flexibility of his Nokona gloves, which he trusts has helped him make difficult plays in the field.

Are Nokona Gloves a Viable Option for Amateur Players?

Whereas Nokona gloves may be a viable choice for professional players, many unprofessional players may be cautious to invest in a lesser-known brand. But, Nokona gloves are still a high-quality choice for players at all levels. They offer a wide series of gloves that cater to different situations and player skill levels, meaning that there is possible a Nokona glove that will suit any player’s requirements. Nokona gloves come with a higher price tag than some other brands, but the quality and durability of the gloves justify the cost.


Nokona gloves are a effective choice for MLB players, and some players have even stated that they beat the more established brands. Dallas Keuchel, Hunter Pence, and Brandon Crawford are just a few of the famous MLB players who use Nokona gloves. Although the higher price tag may discourage some unprofessional players, the quality, durability, and unique technique of Nokona gloves make them a valuable investment. If you’re in the market for a new baseball glove, it may be value considering Nokona gloves in the world of professional and experiencing the unique feel and performance for yourself.