As an enthusiastic bow hunter, I’ve learned that when it comes to facing the icy cold of winter hunts, having the right gear is very important. Amongst these basic equipment’s, a good pair of bow hunting gloves can change the game. They’re not just about keeping your hands warm; they also play an important role in maintaining accuracy and control over your bow. Today, I’ll take you over the best bow hunting gloves designed exactly for cold weather environments. Whether you’re an expert or just starting your bow hunting journey, these gloves will be your reliable companions for staying warm and achieving a successful hunt in even the coldest conditions.

Bow hunting demands a level of skill and perfection that regular winter gloves often can’t provide. That’s why specific bow hunting gloves are made with the needs of bowmen in mind. These gloves are crafted to provide not only warmness but also the ability to keep a solid grip and specific control over your bowstring and release. They are typically designed with materials that offer lining without adding bulk, allowing for a full range of motion. Some gloves are so cool due to there touchscreen capability. You can use your phone even when you are wearing them and you can stay connected during hunting. I’ll explore the features, pros, and cons of three of the best bow hunting gloves for cold weather to help you make a good choice and keep your hands warm while you focus on the hunt.

Under Armour Men’s Hunt Early Season Fleece Gloves

Upgrade your outside adventures with Under Armour Men’s Hunt Early Season Fleece Gloves. Lightweight, warm, and touchscreen-friendly, they’re a game-changer. UA Storm tech deters water without losing breathability. Exchangeable fingers for precision, cozy fleece, and enhanced grip. Extended cuffs keep you warm. Plus, mini clips for convenience. Great for hunting and camping. Note: Not for extreme cold.

Lightweight and quick-dryingMay not be suitable for extremely cold conditions below 32°F/0°C
UA Storm technology repels water
Tech Touch print for touchscreen devices
Convertible trigger finger and thumb
Extra soft Speedwipe™ fleece
Improved grip with silicone palm
Extended cuffs for added warmth
Mini clips keep gloves together


Manzella Men’s Stretch Coyote Cold Weather Hunting Glove,

The Manzella Men’s Stretch Coyote Cold Weather Hunting Glove – full with outdoor-ready features. These gloves are waterproof, windproof, and touchscreen-friendly for remote connectivity. Made for duck hunters, they offer warmth and safety, although shotgun operation can be a bit difficult. Ideal for cold weather hunting, they provide dexterity and warmth with Thinsulate padding. Some people find them a little bit bulky at the fingertips, but the trade-off is extraordinary warmth. Elevate your hunting tools with these dependable gloves today!

– Waterproof and windproof with HydroBlok technology.– Some users find them bulky due to extra fabric at the fingertips.
– Touchscreen compatible for staying connected in remote areas.– Operating a shotgun safety might be challenging.
– Provides exceptional warmth and protection, especially for duck hunters.
– Form-fitting design and reinforced synthetic suede palm for superior dexterity and grip.
– Features 70g Thinsulate insulation for warmth.
– Odor control lining keeps unwanted smells at bay.

NOMAD Mens Harvester Nxt Glove | High Pile Fleece Hunting Glove W/Shell

Introducing the NOMAD Men’s Harvester Nxt Glove – the ultimate in advanced hunting gear by NOMAD, devoted to conserving hunting traditions. These gloves keep you warm and supple, perfect for outdoor devotees. As a loyal NOMAD customer, I’m excited with the results. They offer excellent cold and wind protection while allowing precise hand movements. Though fingertip seams could be better placed, these gloves are warm and consistent. In short, the NOMAD Men’s Harvester Nxt Glove is a game-changer for hunters, showcasing NOMAD’s assurance to quality. Don’t let the cold stop you – gear up with NOMAD and enjoy the hunt.

Excellent cold and wind protectionFingertip seams can be annoying
Allows for precise hand and finger movements
Warm and reliable even on the coldest days
Crafted by NOMAD, a trusted hunting gear brand
Dedicated to preserving hunting traditions
Ideal for outdoor enthusiasts and hunters

In cold-weather bow hunting, the right equipment is important for care. Particular bow hunting gloves offer warmth and control, but options vary. Under Armour’s gloves are lightweight with touchscreen compatibility, appropriate for most cold conditions. Manzella’s gloves excel in waterproofing but can be slightly bulky, ideal for duck hunting. NOMAD’s Harvester Nxt Glove offers excellent protection but has minor fingertip seam issues. Choose based on your specific needs and weather conditions to stay warm and focused on your hunt.